Saturday, July 5, 2008

Good Week

This was a really good week. We got to do lots of fun stuff. We went to Granny's on Monday as usual although this Monday we got to see Aunt Lori too. Lynley and I had so much fun following each other out onto the front porch and playing. Then on Tuesday Mommy babysat for Layla. I sure loved watching everything she did. We went to the park and to the grocery store together. Mom said it's a lot of work having 2 kids all day. Someday I'm going to be big like Layla too. The rest of the week Mommy and I just hung out at home a lot. We both got a little stir crazy, plus we had holiday food we needed to buy so Thursday night Daddy took us out. We went to Meijer and ate at Cracker Barrell. I was a very good boy at Cracker Barrell and stayed in my highchair the whole time. There's a lot to check out at that place and constant movement. This weekend Mommy Daddy and I went to 3 different cookouts. One at Granny Conner's, one at the Filler's and Aunt Peggy and Uncle Doug's house. I had a lot of good food. I would have to say the cool whip and strawberries were my favorite foods this 4th of July. I can never get enough strawberries. As if that wasn't busy enough, Mommy, Daddy, and I had a garage sale today. We sold quite a bit of our stuff. I had fun watching all the people and I even took a nap for Mommy and Daddy and slept in the pack and play while more people came to shop. I promise to be better at blogging this week Grandma Dee.

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