Thursday, July 17, 2008

Quieter Week

This week Mommy and I have stayed home more than we usually have during the week. We of course went to Granny's on Monday and the mall yesterday, but other than that we've hung out at home together. We got a new tv stand which put all the dials and buttons even more right on my level. Mommy and Daddy are working hard to divert my attention to other things, but so far it's not really working :) I don't like it when I turn the dial that puts the radio on especiall if people are talking on it. I can't figure out where the talking is coming from! I've got a couple of pictures to post. One of them is me playing with pots and pans at my Great Aunt Janets. That's from a month or so ago. The other picture is really recent. If you look close you can see I hold the cell phone sorta close to my ear. I'm not so much into actually talking on it. I just like to call people and text message by accident. I'm so smart!

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