Sunday, September 14, 2008

Wonderful Weekend

I sure love the weekends. I get to have Mommy and Daddy all to myself without them having to go anywhere. Saturday we went to an apple orchard/pumpkin patch. It wasn't the best weather. I did discover however that they have wonderful apple cinnamon donuts. They are covered in cinnamon and sugar. Mommy and Daddy wondered what I would do with all that sugar. They restrict me on it so far, but Mommy said oh well let him try it and boy did I like it. I hope we get to go there A LOT! We did some shopping and then we headed to a family reunion. It was mommy's Grandma Elsie's side. Mommy said I would have loved Grandma Elsie and she would have loved me for sure. I got to have the run of the party and just go wherever I wanted inside the building. Everyone there thought I was pretty cute and special and they just watched me go all over the place. I've got some pictures, but they are on Grandpa Hale's camera so I will have to get them from him and show you how much fun I had! After the reunion was over I took a late nap. I slept from 5-7, got up had some supper, played a little and went back to bed at 9. Mommy said I never stop going until I'm worn out! I just know how to have fun!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Busy Weekend

Yesterday we headed to Castleton to do some shopping. We went to the mall, Babies R Us, and United Art. Then we went to Chick Fil A for lunch. I really like their chicken strips! After we ate we went to Costco. Mommy and Daddy really liked that store a lot! We had a great day. I took a nap in my stroller in the mall and then I was ready to go some more. I never even had a real nap yesterday.

Today when Daddy heard me waking up he came in to pick me up and wasn't able to pick me up the first time. Mommy heard us up and got up to see what was going on and Daddy's back was hurting really, really bad. He was having trouble walking. He's feeling much better, but Mommy said he's walking kinda weird. I hope he gets better soon so Daddy and I can play together like we always do. Since Daddy's back was out Mommy and I went to church together and then when we got home I took a nap. Mommy got me up and took me to my cousin Brittany's baby shower. I'm going to have another cousin soon. I know Mommy is excited.

The picture I'm posting is one of my cousin Landon. He's 9 months old. I like playing with him as long as Mommy doesn't try to hold him. She's not supposed to hold him ya know.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day 2

Make sure you see all the pictures in the post below this one, I had so many pictures to show you I had to put them in 2 posts!

Labor Day Weekend

This weekend we got to go with people from the church Mommy grew up in. We went to Vicksburg Michigan and stayed at the Nazarene Campground there on Indian Lake. This was my first time to go because Mommy said I was too little to go last year. I had a lot of fun, you will see from the pictures. On our way home we stopped in Columbia City and visited with our cousins. There are a couple pictures from there also.