Saturday, June 27, 2009

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Wedding, a Lake, and a Pontoon

This past weekend was Uncle Brian and my new Aunt Bailey's wedding! We had a great time. It was definitely HOT, but they had 2 things any boy should love. Plenty of boats to look at and the lake right in front of me. I'm sure everyone else thought the wedding and the tent and all the pretty decorations, food and cake were so great, but all I know is there was fun to be had "driving" a pontoon. All it took was Bailey saying it was ok. Grandma took me to sit on the boat first. She could barely pry me away. I am sooooo strong. So then Daddy came to rescue Grandma and I sat on the pontoon with Daddy for what they say about 40 minutes. Who could keep track when you're busy with something like that??!! Oh, and we also got to stay in a hotel. I had so much fun running as fast as I could in our room and hiding in the little closet with mirrors. It was a great time. I have some pictures to come back and post soon.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Trip for Two to Target

Today we got to go to my favorite store. I just love Target. Mommy and Daddy know if we pass by a Target and they don't stop they are going to hear it from me. Take today for example, we had to go there in the pouring rain and Mommy went pretty far down for a parking space. Well I thought we weren't going to Target and boy did I yell about it. So, we park and Mommy runs in the rain to get a cart. She put Evan in the back of the cart and would you believe it forced me to sit in the front where, yes, I know kids are "supposed" to sit. I like sitting in the big basket part though!!! As soon as I saw Mommy had an umbrella over our heads I forgot all about sitting in the front. We went through the store pretty quick. Evan was just about out of diapers which is what caused the trip in the first place. I say good job Evan, because I'm always up for Target. We just got the diapers and some new swim diapers for me. We are going to a hotel this weekend and next weekend. I'm ready to swim in the pools at both of them now! Speaking of pools we've almost got our pool at home ready to. We had a little setback with the pump, but Lynley and I will be in there soon and we'll have great pictures to post:) Now back to our Target trip. When we got out in the parking lot Mommy put Evan in the car and made the huge mistake of giving me the umbrella to hold while I was still in the cart. She had to pry my hands off of it and wrestle me into the carseat while she got soaking wet. We then headed over to McDonalds and Mommy got me a different kind of meal. I got to have my very own cheeseburger. I ate half of it and then my apples and juice. All in all we had a great trip out for diapers!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

First Big Smiles and Our Little Lady Layla

Isn't baby Evan soooo cute! These are his first smiles that were big enough for Mommy to catch with the camera!!! He's getting so big, but he still can't play with me. That's ok because I sure help with him a lot. He's got to have his bottles and paci put in his mouth many times a day. I try to get it in there, but sometimes Evan ends up with a little formula around the mouth. Maybe he likes a milk mustache OK?? :)
We are a little behind on posting things, so we're gonna do our best to catch you up in the next few posts. Last week we had Layla at our house on Tuesday and Thursday. I think she likes helping out with Evan and playing with me. Check back for more updates soon!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

We are back and so is the rain AGAIN!!!

We're never going to be able to have summer fun and work in the garden if we don't get a little hiatus from this rain. Seriously!!! Here are some pictures to catch you up on what we've been up to lately. We've been very busy as usual and we haven't really stopped to catch our breath!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Rain, Rain GO AWAY!

Last night while we were watching the Fair Parade there was a big storm that kept coming closer and closer. We were hoping to at least get to finish watching the parade, but that didn't happen. I was quickly run to Grandma and Pa's car. Evan zoomed off in his stroller to Grandma and Popaw's car and Daddy ran all the way from Audra's house to get our car for Sabra, Paul, and Mommy. It was a crazy night. We got some great candy from the parade and I got to see lots of fire trucks and tractors before we had to rush off. Evan feel asleep during the fire truck part of the parade. I don't know how he could because their horns and sirens were really really LOUD. After the parade we were supposed to head down to the fair for Lynley and I to ride some rides, but the rain just wouldn't stop. So, we have our ride tickets still and hopefully we will get to go back later this week.