Thursday, June 18, 2009

Trip for Two to Target

Today we got to go to my favorite store. I just love Target. Mommy and Daddy know if we pass by a Target and they don't stop they are going to hear it from me. Take today for example, we had to go there in the pouring rain and Mommy went pretty far down for a parking space. Well I thought we weren't going to Target and boy did I yell about it. So, we park and Mommy runs in the rain to get a cart. She put Evan in the back of the cart and would you believe it forced me to sit in the front where, yes, I know kids are "supposed" to sit. I like sitting in the big basket part though!!! As soon as I saw Mommy had an umbrella over our heads I forgot all about sitting in the front. We went through the store pretty quick. Evan was just about out of diapers which is what caused the trip in the first place. I say good job Evan, because I'm always up for Target. We just got the diapers and some new swim diapers for me. We are going to a hotel this weekend and next weekend. I'm ready to swim in the pools at both of them now! Speaking of pools we've almost got our pool at home ready to. We had a little setback with the pump, but Lynley and I will be in there soon and we'll have great pictures to post:) Now back to our Target trip. When we got out in the parking lot Mommy put Evan in the car and made the huge mistake of giving me the umbrella to hold while I was still in the cart. She had to pry my hands off of it and wrestle me into the carseat while she got soaking wet. We then headed over to McDonalds and Mommy got me a different kind of meal. I got to have my very own cheeseburger. I ate half of it and then my apples and juice. All in all we had a great trip out for diapers!

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