Wednesday, June 17, 2009

First Big Smiles and Our Little Lady Layla

Isn't baby Evan soooo cute! These are his first smiles that were big enough for Mommy to catch with the camera!!! He's getting so big, but he still can't play with me. That's ok because I sure help with him a lot. He's got to have his bottles and paci put in his mouth many times a day. I try to get it in there, but sometimes Evan ends up with a little formula around the mouth. Maybe he likes a milk mustache OK?? :)
We are a little behind on posting things, so we're gonna do our best to catch you up in the next few posts. Last week we had Layla at our house on Tuesday and Thursday. I think she likes helping out with Evan and playing with me. Check back for more updates soon!

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