Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I Got This

I am really an independent boy these days so Mommy decided to let me try the spoon out for a spin. Here's what happened.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Busy Boys

It's time for a huge update spread over the next few days. We've been some really busy boys enjoying our summertime. Here are some of the adventures we've been on lately:
A quick visit with Uncle Brian
Evan's 2nd haircut at Cookie Cutters
Going to Pizza King with a TRAIN
Going to the Children's Museum with Lynley
Walking in the River
Playing at the Park
Going to see "Big Thomas"
Levi riding horses again
Watching "guys" fix our new fence
Lots of playing with Mamaw and Papaw
Potty Training Successes!!
Lapel Parade
And we've got some more adventures coming up before the summer ends. Lots of action packed adventures you don't want to miss:) For now here are some pictures of us with Uncle Brian. We always have fun when he comes to town:)