Monday, January 26, 2009

Not the Same Set of Wheels

Sometimes you have to deal with change especially when there's something great on Target's clearance. We were all set on getting that last stroller I talked about a few posts back, but I quickly learned yesterday, that great clearance deals can change everything. We headed down to the SuperTarget in Fishers yesterday to check out their baby clearance Mommy's been reading about online. Well right before we pulled in the parking lot I fell asleep. Daddy carried me in and layed me down in the cart, and I slept the whole time Mommy and Daddy shopped. What I didn't realize was that while I slept, Mommy and Daddy found a Graco Double Stroller that used to be $125 marked down on clearance to $32. Needless to say they accepted the change in stroller ideas pretty quickly at that price. So, now come April you will see me strolling around in this new one. I didn't get to see the new one until we got home because I was napping. As soon as Daddy got it put together, I had so much fun going from one seat to the next. Little do I know says Mommy, that before long we will have someone to fit in each seat.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Back on Track.....Sort of

Last night did not go quite according to my parent's plan. We were all supposed to get a good night's sleep last night because Mommy had to go back to work after our long weekend. Well, my gums were hurting really really bad last night and I woke up four times in the early, early morning. The first time Mommy came in because I didn't go back to sleep and I was biting on the top side rail of my bed. Mommy says I'm getting the two teeth that many parents say are the toughest on your gums. So Mommy got me back to sleep and about 10 minutes later I was up again and this time Daddy came in to rock me a bit. While Daddy was rocking me Mommy came in to give me some Tylenol and managed in the dark to find my mouth, but in the process spill a lot of Tylenol down Daddy's arm! Daddy got me back to sleep pretty quickly too, but I soon decided to wake up a couple more times. Thankfully those times I got back to sleep on my own, but Mommy and Daddy were up for quite a while listening for me. Of course that meant once I got to Grandma's today I took a really good nap while the parents were hard at work. I know Mommy had a good day with her class, but not near as much fun as she had with me on our days at home together. You can tell by our picture today that we had plenty of laughing and smiling while we were home Friday-Monday. Mommy says next week she will get to stay home again after she has a test at her Dr. apointment. Daddy says he is taking that day off too, so we will have a family day together.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Not your Usual Monday

Usually Monday's for me mean it's time to get up waaaay early with Daddy in the morning to head to Grandma Filler's then we always go to Granny's together. Well this morning started with Mommy waking me up at 9 saying something about how we had to go to the Dr. I sure didn't want to get up, but Mommy said that we just had to go. So, we headed to Muncie to see Dr. Hughes. Daddy met us there too! I had some fun playing in the waiting room with another little boy, then it was time to go back and get on that scale that I DON't like at all. I always cry about that part. I am a solid boy at 28 pounds now. After the scale torture we went into the exam room where I had so much fun. I was all over that room. I played with the spinning Dr. seat, climbed on the exam table, the chairs in the room, and even tried a couple of times to escape. Once the Dr. came in I continued to show him what I great climber I was and how much energy I have. The Dr. laughed at me a bunch and said that I'm doing what I'm supposed to be doing and that I'm just going to get more and more active. He also said that I need to work on saying more words soon. The bad news is after laughing and smiling with the Dr. the nurse came in for 3 shots. I sure cried a lot, but as soon as Daddy picked me up off the table I felt so much better and stopped crying. After the Dr. Daddy went to get us some lunch and we went over to Granny's to visit with everyone. That was the only usual part of the day. Lynley and I played a bunch while the grown ups tried to keep tabs on us in the kitchen getting into things. After we left Granny's Mommy and I went to the mall to scope out their winter clearance. I ended up getting a new coat that came with some snow pants. Mommy said as soon as we get me some boots, I can go out and play in the snow. Most of the time in the mall I was content to lay down in my stroller with my feet up on the front tray while Mommy shopped and pushed me around. Our day didn't stop after shopping because then when we left the mall we met up with Daddy at Grandma and Pa's house and had some Papa Murphy's with them. I played in the play room for a little while over there and then watched Madagascar. I was getting really tired so we came home and I went to bed shortly after. I think things are going to return to normal tomorrow which means I'll have to get up waaaaay early and no hanging out with Mommy all day:(

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sweet New Ride

Today after church we met Grandpa and Grandma Hale for some lunch at Ponderosa. I like to go there because there is no waiting for the food. I had my usual plenty of tomatoes, chicken, green beans, a few peas, and a roll. For desert I had some jello jigglers. I wish you could see how much fun I have squishing those things up! It was all fun until I started shaking my hands to get the pieces off and then everyone sprang into action to clean me up. Well after eating we went to Target for a little bit. Daddy took me on a walk around the store while Mommy looked. When we all met back up Mommy told Daddy to take a stroller down off the shelf so that we could try it out. I LOVED it soooooo much that I threw an all out fit when it was time to get out. I got to sit in it for a long time while Mommy and Daddy figured out how the two seats in it worked and for some reason they had to figure out how a little baby carseat fit into it too. Then there was a lot of talk about how we were going to wait a while to get it, but that we definitley needed it before we go to Uncle Brian's wedding. We didn't have a camera with us, but Mommy found a picture of the one that we want to order. I think we should go ahead and get it now. I'm pretty sure Lynley and I could have some fun together in it. Hey, who knows maybe we'd make it through more of the mall in it together!!!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Another New Cousin on a COLD COLD DAY!!!

After school Mommy and Daddy put me right back in the car after going to Grandma and Pa's for the day. Mommy said we were going to go see Cousin Jamie's new baby. It sure took us a long time to get there, but there were a lot of cars and trucks to watch on the way there and I got to eat my supper in the car. Once we got there Mommy and Daddy couldn't believe how fancy the hospital was. I guess the place I was born in was nice, but this place must be like a palace. When we found the right floor we had to put in a special code and then we got to go down to their room. Of course Mommy held the baby for the whole time we were there and I really didn't care too much. I was too busy looking out their window. You could see all the cars that were coming and going from the hospital from their window. We didn't stay too long because Jamie was getting really tired from her medicine.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Watch out Aunt Sabra

I've been practicing with my guitar a lot and I think that pretty soon I'll be able to take you on Guitar Hero! You better practice A LOT!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Keepin up With My Cousin

Mommy sure liked Lynley's new toy bins so Daddy and I went out and got one tonight that was on sale from Target. Mommy said that her and Sabra compare notes all the time. Lynley and I had the same bottles, formula, jumperoos, bouncy seats and even formula. This time we all get to benefit because Mommy and Daddy think our living room is going to be so much neater and stay cleaner easier! We'll see about that. It's fun making messes:) As you can see from the pictures I really tried to help Daddy put it together, but when I started getting in the way I had to go watch the move it move it video on you tube on Mommy's laptop until Daddy was finished. Maybe next time I will get to use the drill!