Monday, January 26, 2009

Not the Same Set of Wheels

Sometimes you have to deal with change especially when there's something great on Target's clearance. We were all set on getting that last stroller I talked about a few posts back, but I quickly learned yesterday, that great clearance deals can change everything. We headed down to the SuperTarget in Fishers yesterday to check out their baby clearance Mommy's been reading about online. Well right before we pulled in the parking lot I fell asleep. Daddy carried me in and layed me down in the cart, and I slept the whole time Mommy and Daddy shopped. What I didn't realize was that while I slept, Mommy and Daddy found a Graco Double Stroller that used to be $125 marked down on clearance to $32. Needless to say they accepted the change in stroller ideas pretty quickly at that price. So, now come April you will see me strolling around in this new one. I didn't get to see the new one until we got home because I was napping. As soon as Daddy got it put together, I had so much fun going from one seat to the next. Little do I know says Mommy, that before long we will have someone to fit in each seat.

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  1. So Levi, when your new Brother arrives who will sit in the front and who will sit in the back? Your going to have so much fun being a big brother....