Monday, January 19, 2009

Not your Usual Monday

Usually Monday's for me mean it's time to get up waaaay early with Daddy in the morning to head to Grandma Filler's then we always go to Granny's together. Well this morning started with Mommy waking me up at 9 saying something about how we had to go to the Dr. I sure didn't want to get up, but Mommy said that we just had to go. So, we headed to Muncie to see Dr. Hughes. Daddy met us there too! I had some fun playing in the waiting room with another little boy, then it was time to go back and get on that scale that I DON't like at all. I always cry about that part. I am a solid boy at 28 pounds now. After the scale torture we went into the exam room where I had so much fun. I was all over that room. I played with the spinning Dr. seat, climbed on the exam table, the chairs in the room, and even tried a couple of times to escape. Once the Dr. came in I continued to show him what I great climber I was and how much energy I have. The Dr. laughed at me a bunch and said that I'm doing what I'm supposed to be doing and that I'm just going to get more and more active. He also said that I need to work on saying more words soon. The bad news is after laughing and smiling with the Dr. the nurse came in for 3 shots. I sure cried a lot, but as soon as Daddy picked me up off the table I felt so much better and stopped crying. After the Dr. Daddy went to get us some lunch and we went over to Granny's to visit with everyone. That was the only usual part of the day. Lynley and I played a bunch while the grown ups tried to keep tabs on us in the kitchen getting into things. After we left Granny's Mommy and I went to the mall to scope out their winter clearance. I ended up getting a new coat that came with some snow pants. Mommy said as soon as we get me some boots, I can go out and play in the snow. Most of the time in the mall I was content to lay down in my stroller with my feet up on the front tray while Mommy shopped and pushed me around. Our day didn't stop after shopping because then when we left the mall we met up with Daddy at Grandma and Pa's house and had some Papa Murphy's with them. I played in the play room for a little while over there and then watched Madagascar. I was getting really tired so we came home and I went to bed shortly after. I think things are going to return to normal tomorrow which means I'll have to get up waaaaay early and no hanging out with Mommy all day:(

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