Friday, January 16, 2009

Another New Cousin on a COLD COLD DAY!!!

After school Mommy and Daddy put me right back in the car after going to Grandma and Pa's for the day. Mommy said we were going to go see Cousin Jamie's new baby. It sure took us a long time to get there, but there were a lot of cars and trucks to watch on the way there and I got to eat my supper in the car. Once we got there Mommy and Daddy couldn't believe how fancy the hospital was. I guess the place I was born in was nice, but this place must be like a palace. When we found the right floor we had to put in a special code and then we got to go down to their room. Of course Mommy held the baby for the whole time we were there and I really didn't care too much. I was too busy looking out their window. You could see all the cars that were coming and going from the hospital from their window. We didn't stay too long because Jamie was getting really tired from her medicine.

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