Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sweet New Ride

Today after church we met Grandpa and Grandma Hale for some lunch at Ponderosa. I like to go there because there is no waiting for the food. I had my usual plenty of tomatoes, chicken, green beans, a few peas, and a roll. For desert I had some jello jigglers. I wish you could see how much fun I have squishing those things up! It was all fun until I started shaking my hands to get the pieces off and then everyone sprang into action to clean me up. Well after eating we went to Target for a little bit. Daddy took me on a walk around the store while Mommy looked. When we all met back up Mommy told Daddy to take a stroller down off the shelf so that we could try it out. I LOVED it soooooo much that I threw an all out fit when it was time to get out. I got to sit in it for a long time while Mommy and Daddy figured out how the two seats in it worked and for some reason they had to figure out how a little baby carseat fit into it too. Then there was a lot of talk about how we were going to wait a while to get it, but that we definitley needed it before we go to Uncle Brian's wedding. We didn't have a camera with us, but Mommy found a picture of the one that we want to order. I think we should go ahead and get it now. I'm pretty sure Lynley and I could have some fun together in it. Hey, who knows maybe we'd make it through more of the mall in it together!!!

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