Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Back on Track.....Sort of

Last night did not go quite according to my parent's plan. We were all supposed to get a good night's sleep last night because Mommy had to go back to work after our long weekend. Well, my gums were hurting really really bad last night and I woke up four times in the early, early morning. The first time Mommy came in because I didn't go back to sleep and I was biting on the top side rail of my bed. Mommy says I'm getting the two teeth that many parents say are the toughest on your gums. So Mommy got me back to sleep and about 10 minutes later I was up again and this time Daddy came in to rock me a bit. While Daddy was rocking me Mommy came in to give me some Tylenol and managed in the dark to find my mouth, but in the process spill a lot of Tylenol down Daddy's arm! Daddy got me back to sleep pretty quickly too, but I soon decided to wake up a couple more times. Thankfully those times I got back to sleep on my own, but Mommy and Daddy were up for quite a while listening for me. Of course that meant once I got to Grandma's today I took a really good nap while the parents were hard at work. I know Mommy had a good day with her class, but not near as much fun as she had with me on our days at home together. You can tell by our picture today that we had plenty of laughing and smiling while we were home Friday-Monday. Mommy says next week she will get to stay home again after she has a test at her Dr. apointment. Daddy says he is taking that day off too, so we will have a family day together.


  1. Sorry to hear about your teeth, Levi! Hopefully those suckers will pop out really soon and you'll feel good as new....and be able to eat a steak!!!
    Lynley & Sabra

  2. Hope your teeth have stopped hurting, you'll need them to eat a hamburger....yum.