Friday, July 18, 2008

Crazy Sleep

Yesterday Mommy and I went to her friend Missy's house to go swimming. I was one of 8 kids there all together. Mommy's friend Allison was there with her boys and the kids she babysits too! We were in the pool for 2 hours. Mommy was so good at putting sunscreen on me that she forgot to keep up with hers. Her back is a lovely shade of deep pink and red and for some reason when I touch it she says ouch. After we swam I fell asleep not a minute from their driveway. Of course once we got home I got re-energized when Mommy tried to put me in my bed. So, I then went to sleep at 6:30 for the night and got up a couple times, but then slept til 7!

Today after we got up and got ready we headed to go get Grandma Hale and then went to Wal-Mart. They went crazy over the cheap school supplies they had. By the way I went to Mommy's school one day and while she started to decorate her door I played with a roll of masking tape. It's highly entertaining! Getting back to today...... after wal-mart I fell asleep in the car as usual and when I woke up we were back at Grandma's. We played over there a lot and Mommy took some pictures of me in Grandpa's rocking chair he has from when he was little like me. When Grandpa got home from work he got me really active and laughing. After I played with him a long while it was time to go home and see Daddy after he got home from work. I then decided to stay up and play until about 11:30 tonight because I just wasn't tired enough to go to sleep at my usual time.

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