Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Granparent Day

Yesterday I saw my Granny Conner, Grandma Filler, Grandma Hale, and Granpa Filler. I also got to see Aunt Sabra, Great Aunt Ruth, and the Clark Girls, but can you believe how many wonderful Granparents I have. Mommy and I went to a teacher store then headed to Granny Conners for our regular Monday hangout. As usual Lynley and I followed each other all over the place and like to find things to get in trouble together with. This time it was going behind the tv with all of the wires. After Granny Conners we went to Target real quick to get some new formula. Silly Mommy had to get me a new bottle too because she realized we left my bottle at Grannys. I didn't mind the new bottle becuase I was hungry! I got to spend the evening at Grandma and Grandpa Filler's playing with them. We played inside and outside and Grandma said I barely sat down at all. I was so tired when Mommy and Daddy picked me up. They got to go to Indy and get one of my birthday presents and go out to eat. I'm sure they missed my loud squeals I like to do in the restaurant. When we came home from there it was time for a bath, ceral, bottle and bed. I was soooo tired. I'll attach a picture from last night.

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  1. I had fun getting in trouble with you!!! Maybe next Monday we can find a way into Granny's bathroom! I bet there is a bunch to play with in there!!!