Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Shopping Day

Yesterday at the Edinburgh Outlet Mall, I got a couple of great outfits that Grandma and Grandpa bought. Can you believe they have so many great baby stores in one place. Carters, Gymboree, Kids Superstore, Stride Rite, OshKosh, and Children's Place. I got my first pair of tennis shoes too. I'm not too sure about them yet. I just think I could go barefoot everywhere. After I keep wanting to get down everywhere Mommy said it's gross and I needed shoes. I got some great tennis shoes at the Stride Rite store. Mommy told Daddy it was a good time to save some money on shoes for me. After we shopped for quite a while we went to eat at Max and Ermas. We'd never been there before. Grandma had some potato soup that I thought was great. I also got some pieces of Mommy's breadstick and turkey off her sandwich.

Today we've been pretty busy. We started out the day with a nice long walk. After that we had some breakfast and Mommy did some dishes while I played in my highchair and had some puffs. Then I decided to take a morning nap. After my nap we went to Kroger today for groceries and got some better foods so that we can keep eating at home more often. After shopping Mommy stopped at Subway and then we came home and I had some lunch then Grandpa Hale stopped by. I played with him for a few minutes then he had to go. After he left I threw a fit about him leaving and decided I was getting pretty sleepy. I think I'm still worn out from TN. This is my second nap today. I went to sleep so quickly for each nap. I'm a growing boy you know!

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  1. Wow your first real pair of shoes...now you can run all over the place. Sounds like you are enjoying the Summer so far and having your Mommy around all the time. I bet she's enjoying it also.