Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Making the Rounds

Lets see so far today I've slept on Mommy in the recliner from 4-6:30 a.m. Mommy couldn't figure out why I wouldn't sleep last night, so she was too tired at that point and so sleep in the chair vs. no sleep at all won out. Then since I kept Mommy up from 1-4 this a.m. Grandma Hale came to pick me up for a little while. Mommy was supposed to take a little nap while I was gone, but she couldn't sleep. When she got out to Grandma's I decided to snuggle up with her in the chair. I even let Grandma put a blanket on my head since the sun was shining in on me. Hello people I don't even wear hats, let alone put a blanket on my head. Mommy said I would knock it off, but I kept it there and fell right to sleep. I was onto sleep #2in a recliner. While I was napping Mommy kept feeling me get warmer and warmer so she took my temperature while I was still asleep. It was 101.2. That was all it took. A call to the Dr. soon followed. I have an ear infection in both ears again folks can you believe it? Grandpa Hale went with me to the Dr. He sure did all he could to make the looking in my ear part better, but I just hate it and I scream for that part every time. The same thing I just got over that a few weeks ago and bam back again. All this on top of the fact that on Friday morning I'm supposed to be going to see my Uncle Brian. I know he misses me a bunch so I'm going to be taking my medicines and ear drops like a big boy so I can feel better for Uncle Brian and my future Aunt Bailey. As you can see from the picture I have now moved on to laying on Daddy in the recliner. Boy this is the life!!


  1. Oh I'm so sorry Cousin!!! I am sad that you are feeling bad! I've got spots and you've got yucky ears!!! I know your medicine will make you feel better cause mine helped me. I hope you can sleep tonight.

  2. Levi, I'm so sorry about your ear infections. Wow I'm older then dirt and I've never had an ear infection, guess I'm too mean.
    I hope the meds help you and that you are soon on the road to recovery.
    I'm sending a *Hug* your way..xoxo