Friday, June 20, 2008

Greetings from TN

Hello everybody. I'm enjoying my time on my second trip to Uncle Brian's. This time I will get to spend lots of time with my future Aunt Bailey too!! Today I took it pretty easy and slept most of the 7 hour trip here. I even slept through Mommy and Daddy eating at Sonic. I know Mommy was happy they got to go there. She had been jonesing for a Strawberry Limeaid from there for a long time. After we got here we got to hang out at Brian and Baileys. Uncle Brian is pretty good on the grill. I tried some of his chicken and found out that baked beans aren't too bad either. The big news of the day is I figured out how to climb stairs pretty soon after getting here. Daddy's got it on the video camera so I can post it when we get home. My ears are feeling better and my fever is gone, but now I'm in the spotty dotty club with Lynley. I have a rash all over my legs, feet, hands and back. Don't worry, it's not keeping me down. I know we are going to have lots of adventures here in Chatanooga so I'll update you after I get a good night's sleep tonight.

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  1. hey Levi

    I,m so glad you were able to go on your trip! It sounds really exciting! I hope those "polka dots" go away really soon. I hope I get to see you on Monday, but you may still be in TN. Anyway have a great time. See you soon.

    With Lots Of Love, Aunt Ruthie