Sunday, June 22, 2008

On to Another Adventure

Well we decided to let Bailey and Brian rest today before they have to get up and go to work tomorrow morning, so we left earlier than planned. I heard something about how Bailey has to get up at 5 am to start her commute. I like to get up early, but that is waaaay early. I found out she works with babies and young kids. She gets to do some of the stuff that pediatricians do without the shots. Boy do I wish I could just go for that!!! No shots or ear checks would be great with me. Brian and Bailey had some houses to look at today too and they told us they would be in their first house next time we come to visit. It would be cool to see Uncle Brian more and live in the mountains, but I’d get pretty lonely without my cousin Lynley. We’re gonna have to get together soon. Since we’ve both been sick we haven’t seen each other in a whole week now! That doesn’t happen too often. We have too much trouble to get into together.
The new adventure I heard the grownups talking about is going to stay the night in Columbus Indiana and going to Nashville and Edinburgh Outlet Mall tomorrow. I heard Mommy say something about some baby stores there so maybe I’ll score some new clothes again. Uncle Brian thought I was a pretty sharp dresser so I’ve got to keep that up. I’ll have to let you know what fun things we find. Oh wait I forgot another adventure I already had today. Uncle Brian gave me my very first eye exam and said that everything looks fin inside my eyes. It was quite a show with everyone making funny noises while Uncle Brian held all different things in front of my face. Daddy got an exam and new Nike glasses. He’s going to be stylin. Grandma got some Coach sunglasses and Mommy tried on some more Coach frames that were new. Aunt Sabra you would have found some cute glasses too. Maybe someday we can go together so Lynley can see the Aquarium too. I also saw a kids discovery museum by the Aquarium I think I’ll be ready for next time. Ok, I’ve got to go. I’ll see you all soon!


  1. COACH SUNGLASSES?!? We've gotta get my mommy some of those! Sign me up for the next Tennessee trip!!! Levi, COACH AND FISH?!? You were in heaven on your vacation!

  2. Levi it sounds like your having quite an adventure. I was in Tennessee once years ago and found the people very friendly. Enjoy the rest of your trip...