Friday, May 30, 2008

Last Day

Finally, today was mommy's last day of school. Since it was only the 2 hour teacher day we got to have a great day together. Mommy came to Aunt Sabras today after school and I was asleep on Grandpa Filler's lap. We all decided to head to Carlos o Kelly's together for lunch. After that Lynley and I both needed a little nap. I decided I would just nap in the car, so Mommy called Grandma Hale and we met her in Anderson and then headed to some new shopping mall in Fishers. It was pretty fancy. I sure love trying to grab at clothes and tags as I ride by in my stroller. When we got home Mommy said she had to clean house a little because we were having company for supper. Aunt Sabra, Uncle Paul, and Lynley came over for supper. The adults were sure happy about having sweet corn off the grill. Lynley and I were just fine with pieces of hot dog bun of the mommies plates. Daddy sure seems like a great griller. I can't wait to check out his food someday soon. After the grown ups were all done eating Lynley and I got to take a ride together in my bike trailer. Daddy rode us all around. I think he's going to be a little tired tonight from hauling around 40 pounds extra on his bike! Well I better get a good night's sleep. Tomorrow I get to go to my very first wedding.

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  1. Levi, I had so much fun at your house! I really liked our bike ride. I hope Uncle Lawrence's legs are okay because he'll have to take us on more rides this summer!!! I can't wait to come to your house again!
    Love, Lynley