Saturday, May 17, 2008

I discovered a new food today. Can you guess what it is?? CHEESE! I couldn't get enough of it. It tasted so good especially after Mommy tried to get me to eat an organic chicken and pasta baby food. I sure let her know what I thought of it, when I gagged and threw it up. I'm sure she had fun cleaning up my high chair. I don't think she'll be giving me more of that nasty stuff for a while:)

This morning we went to garage sales. Well Mommy did, Daddy stayed in the car with me because I slept through the whole thing. Then we went to walk around the Muncie Mall. I sure loved looking in the 3 way mirror at Macy's at myself. You can never get enough Levi!! Then we went and picked up cousin Lynley and Sabra and headed to Great Great Aunt Clata and Great Great Uncle Bob's 50th wedding anniversary party. It was a lot of fun. Once Lynley woke up we got to go play with my toys on the floor. After we left there I took another car nap and when we got home Mommy and Daddy took me on a walk. Mommy really really wants me to get used to wearing my sunglasses so I was a good boy and just sat back in the stroller and tolerated wearing them for her for the whole walk. After our walk we sat out on the front porch until I kept trying to put the maple tree seeds in my mouth. All in all it was a great Saturday.

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  1. Organic Chicken and pasta...yuk, yuk, yuk. I think I would throw up if I ate it also.
    Bet you can't wait till Mommy is out of School for the Summer. You will have such a great time with her and by the time she goes back to work in the fall you should be walking.
    I'm sending you a hug Levi..xoxo