Sunday, May 4, 2008

It's been a long long time

I know it's been forever since I've written on my blog. I hope I haven't lost all my readers. I've been a busy, busy baby boy here lately. I've been on walks, shopping, a baby shower, and even had to go to the doctor. I had a double ear infection. Only kept me down for a few days though! Mommy and Grandma Hale sure loved me wanting to be held so much, but they sure didn't like me being sick. Oh, my Daddy now works normal people hours so our little family gets to spend every evening together now and I get to play with Grandma Filler more during the day. I'm so excited because pretty soon I keep hearing Mommy is going to be out of school for the summer and I can stay home with her everyday. I keep hearing numbers every evening and I think I heard today that she has 18 more days left with her second graders. I even got a new bathing suit and hear Lynley has one too, so we can spend time in the pool together this summer! I'll post a couple recent pictures for you and one in my new suit.

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  1. Levi, welcome back. I faithfully checked everyday to see if you had posted but nothing. What a surprise today to see that you updated. Sorry to hear you had ear infections. Greta news that your Daddy is working normal hours now. You'll hav e a great summer with Mommy and Daddy. By the way your pictures are great, your getting so big I can't believe it.