Friday, May 23, 2008

Busy, Busy School Day

Today was a very special day. Daddy was off work so we went and did some visiting. First I got a good nap in and then Daddy and I went to see Mommy at her school. She was so excited to see me and I loved seeing her too. She's got some crazy kids in that class, but I sure liked watching them. After Mommy's lunch we had to go. After we left Robinson we headed over to Valley Grove. We went to Grandma Hale's class, but couldn't find her for a while. We found her class in the computer lab. I put on a show and jabbered up a storm for her fourth graders. Grandma and the kids sure loved seeing me. They didn't get a lot done on their computers because I was waaaaay more entertaining. After Valley Grove I came home and took another nap before Mommy got home. Once she got home she said we were going out with Grandma, Grandpa, and Aunt Bridget. We all headed over to Texas Roadhouse. I had a good time looking around. Everyone held me after my time limit in the highchair. I keep letting everyone know I don't like the highchairs in restaurants, but everytime we go somewhere to eat they make me sit in it again:( After eating it was off to Meijer. We had to stock up for our two cookouts this weekend. I'm not sure what a cookout is, but I heard Daddy saying something about me and Lynley playing in the pack and play outside at Granny's together and that sounds pretty good to me. Mommy can't wait to see us play together becuase she's not gotten to see the two of us together in a while. That's about to change really soon cause after next week she's free to play with us all summer long.


  1. Levi,
    I can't wait till we have all summer to play!!!


  2. Wow....going to school already. What a smartie....
    You and Lynley will have a great time this Summer. You'll be walking before you know it...
    Hugs to you..