Saturday, October 4, 2008

Great Night at Grannys!!!

Tonight was a Conner family dinner at Granny's and we had a great time. I got to see Granny, Grandpa and Grandpa Filler, Lynley, Renee, John, Mason, Tabatha, Great Uncle Jeff, Great Aunt Lesa, Great Great Aunt Ruth, Great Great Aunt Clata, Great Great Uncle Bob, and Great Uncle Patrick. Wow that's a lot of Greats to get in there!! I sure do have a lot of special people in my life. I think they think I'm pretty special too! As usual for Granny's house, Lynley and I follwed each other everywhere. We really like going into the kitchen especially since no one tries to block us out of there with a chair anymore!! The biggest fun of the night was when Mommy and Daddy showed everyone some pictures of me on a DVD. The last picture told everyone our big news! Everyone is so excited! I'm not quite sure what is going on, but I know it must be big and I know Mommy is worried about how I will handle it when the time comes. The only bummer of tonight was that Aunt Sabra couldn't be with us, but I am so glad that she is getting better and will get to come home soon. I know she missed being with us tonight. We will do some celebrating when she gets home for sure! Enjoy the pictures from tonight.

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  1. Sorry I missed your big night, Levi, but I did get to watch a bit on the computer! Hopefully I'll be home this week and you can tell me ALL about the DVD that mommy and daddy showed!!!