Monday, October 6, 2008

I'm Back

Sorry to all of my blog readers who have been disapointed with my lack of posts. A 14 mo. old boy barely has time to stop ya know. I promise to be better at putting more regular posts on. Today I wanted to show you a picture of my new friend. Her name is Kamea. I get to play with her two days a week while Mommy's friend Kimberly watches me. Kamea is her 7 month old daughter. We have a good time together and Kimberly always tells Mommy how good both of us are together. I'm proud of Kamea too. When Mommy first took me over there I couldn't figure out why Kamea couldn't move around. I think I taught her how to crawl and now she is starting to pull up and stand. Mommy always says Kamea you shouldn't be doing that already, but she's just fine and we will really have fun together when we can follow each other around and she can walk. Just imagine the things we can get into together at her house. I don't think Kimberly is ready for that quite yet!

1 comment:

  1. Levi sounds like it'll be fun to teach Kamea all that you know. Soon you'll both be running all over the place....
    I talked to your Mommy for a minute the other day and she shared some news with me......congratulations to all of you.