Monday, October 27, 2008

A couple weekends ago.......

I'm a little late in posting these pictures. We had to get them from Pa Filler. You can see I had a great time at Jacob's Family Orchard. They have pumpkins, apple cinnamon, doughnuts, and apple cider slushes that mommy and I LOVE. This time I got to climb the hay bales with Daddy and ride in one of their wagons. I loved holding onto the pumpkin and getting apples out of the sack. Mommy got me a little pumpkin I can hold, but I'd rather carrry apples around the house and throw them around like a ball. Mommy had to get rid of my favorite little apple because she said it was getting too soft and banged up. I sure love eating the apples too. There are also a couple of pictures from Burris School Playground. Lynley and I got to go play there after having dinner at Uncle Paul and Aunt Sabras. Lynley is so lucky to have such a great playground right down from her house. Make sure you check out my shirt in the last picture. I'm not sure what it means yet, but Mommy says soon enough I'll find out. She doesn't think I'll be happy about it at first, but hopes I'll get used to it and be a great Big Brother.

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  1. Levi, I love your pictures!! Boy we had so much fun at the playground. You should come back before it gets too cold!!!