Sunday, November 2, 2008


I had a couple days of Halloween Fun. On Thursday, Mommy and Daddy took me to Grandpa and Papaw's church for their Trunk or Treat Falloween. Mommy said I didn't need to go through all the car lines to get candy, but of course we found Grandma and Papaw's car. Papaw had a big black crazy wig on, but I kinda liked it after a while. They also had glow stick necklaces and I sure liked those. I ended up going home with Grandma's. I don't think she missed it too much. We also found my cousin Diana's car. Her whole family was dressed up like the Wizard of Oz Characters. The best part of the Trunk or Treat was the train. They had a train just for little people to ride. The first time I had to sit across from a girl I didn't know and I wasn't too sure about the train. The second time though no one was sitting with me so I sat down where your feet are supposed to go and let me tell you I was NOT happy when it stopped and Daddy took me off. Soon after that it was time to head home and go to bed.

On Friday, we went out for trick or treating. We got to go see Grandma and Papaw, Brittany and Aydia (I'm still not sure about that baby), Grandma and Pa Filler, Granny, Uncle Patrick, Aunt Ruth, Aunt Clata and Uncle Bob, and Jeff, Lisa, and Tabatha. At the last stop we saw Uncle Paul, Aunt Sabra, and Lynley too. I had so much fun and I got so many wonderful treats.

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  1. Levi you are a great looking Superman. Sounds like you had a great time. I never heard of trunk or treat before, sounds like fun..