Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Hello Friends

Wow, I know I've gotten seriously behind again. Bad news is I just found out I have yet another ear infection:( Had to go back to the Dr. today. I cried from the first time the dr. and the nurse touched me until it was time to go. I think I remember that place from the time we walk in now. Mommy and Daddy keep taking me there tooooooo much! Other than that, this week I've been getting used to having my babysitters again. Mommy has gone back to work so I've gotten to spend time with Grandma Hale, Grandma Filler, and will see my new babysitter Kimberly on Friday. When I go to Kimberly's I get to play with her baby Kamea who is 6 months old. I can't quite figure out why she won't crawl or try to follow me around when I want her to. I'll have to get some pictures of us together so that you can see her. I promise to get lots of other pictures for my next post too! I've done so many things that we haven't gotten posted yet, so there's lots to see.


  1. Sorry you are sick, cousin. I hope the medicine makes you better soon. I think you should be like me and tell your parents, NO DOCTOR!!! It hasn't worked for me yet, but maybe your folks will listen!!!

  2. From one dude to another, ear infections stink! I had so many that mom and dad had to take me to a special doctor for them, then they put me to sleep and put tubes in my ears. It wasn't too bad, and I haven't had one since!

    Your friend,
    Andrew <- with a little help from mommy!