Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Growin Up

I just read in Lynley's blog how she's getting a big tooth in the back of her mouth and guess what? I'm getting one too! Mommy thought I was cranky Friday night at the lakes and then she noticed my gum was broken and a tooth is poking through in the back of my mouth. Friday was just a crazy day. Earlier that day Mommy got rear ended on our way home after she picked me up from Kimberly's house. Next week she will get her car fixed and we we have a rental car for a couple days. I just get to change cars all the time with my Mommy! If that wasn't enough Mommy has to go for Jury selection on Monday and Tuesday and has to take 2 days off school already! I'm just thinking goodness sakes people I just want my Mommy staying home with me again. She's way too busy! I'm having a great time at Kimberly's and Grandma Filler's houses. I know Mommy's having a great time at school too because she keeps saying that she LOVES her class this year. Mommy decided that since I'm getting up so early again with her working that I have to go to bed at 8 every night. Last night she also decided it was time for me to learn to go to sleep on my own in my crib. I guess rocking me to sleep wasn't working out like it used to! :0 Trust me I knew how to work it. I would get almost asleep on Mommy or Daddy then pop up and start crying. They would then sometimes let me stay up later til' I got tired. That was awesome because I was up til 11 sometimes like big people do! The Dr. said I should be in my room at the same time everynight for bedtime and Mommy and Daddy should let me cry if necessary. Well last night I was out in 13 minutes and tonight I was done crying in 9 minutes. Mommy and Daddy are so happy with me over that. Tonight I even layed on my belly once I got quiet and rubbed my sheet until I fell asleep! Maybe I can get something out of this doing so well at bedtime thing! I might be little still, but I'm figuring things out quick! Ok, I know I promised more pictures, but I'm gonna have to get it next time.

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