Monday, February 18, 2008

More New Things

Today I went to Muncie with Mommy and Grandma Hale. On the way back we stopped at Aunt Sabra's to leave a sleep blanket for them to try with my cousin. While I was there I decided to try out Lynley's horse. (Please don't tell ANYONE I was on a PINK horse). Anyway, while I was on it I got so excited I made it roll quite a ways. I then must have realized I was on something pink, because I spit up some yucky old formula on it with a little bit of baby food peaches mixed in. I am so sorry Lynley!! She won't be happy with me when she notices! Thank goodness she was taking a nap when it happened. Tonight was only about the 3rd time I tried a Sippy cup and as you will see from the picture I actually figured out that you do have to put it in your mouth and suck on it to get anything out of it. Also, both of my two front bottom teeth have just barely poked through my gums and it has made me one CRANKY miserable baby most of the rest of the day. At least Mommy was off, she tried so hard to make me happy, but nothing really worked.


  1. OK Levi...where's the picture of you on the pink horse? I would love to see that. I bet you looked cute regardless of the color. I look at some of your pictures of a couple months ago and I can't get over the change in you. What a cutie you are...

  2. Levi, I want you to know that pink is my nephew's favorite color and he is very masculine! Looks like you are getting the sippy cup action, good for you, it's sll about the small steps!