Friday, December 4, 2009

Thanks Uncle Tim!!!

We love the pictures that Uncle Tim took at Grannys!! We are positively speechless at how adorable we are!! Speaking of speech I had my first speech therapy apointment today. Mamaw and Papaw Filler took me today. Good thing Grandma said I liked the ball pit at their house, because the lady let me play in their ball pit!!! She even said I put ending sounds on my words and I did exactly what she wanted me to do (for the most part)! It was a good first session there. I even got to see someone who knows Lynley and Grandma got to hear me repeat Lynley's name back to her a few times. I think if I keep going to that place Mommy and Daddy are going to hear me talk and talk and talk!

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  1. Hi Sara--congrats! You won my Discovery Toys giveaway. Look for an email from me tonight. :)