Saturday, December 19, 2009

Saturday's Adventures

Evan and I have been big boys the last 2 Saturdays. We've gotten to help Mommy and Daddy get ready for Christmas. Last Saturday we left the house at 9 in the morning and got back at dark time. We went to the Muncie Mall and Target and then we decided to keep the day going and head to Castleton. In Castleton we went to United Art, Burlington, the mall, and Babies R Us. The real fun was on the way home though we got to stop at Reynold's and see their Christmas lights. They had a moving train in lights. So, not only did I get to ride the train at the Munice Mall I got to see the train at Reynolds too:) It was a great day for trains (and lots and lots of grown up shopping). Mommy and Daddy kept saying how good we had been all day long.

This Saturday wasn't much different excpet there were no trains today:( But I got to walk like a big boy in a mall!! We went to the Mounds Mall and I got to wear my dog backpack and walk in the mall. Mommy laughed at how cute I looked because I was so proud that I got to walk. Don't worry Evan was safe in his stroller. We crossed a lot of names off our list at the mall and then headed to Family Christian, and then Target. We had several hours of shopping again and boy oh boy Evan and I were really good all day. After the shopping we had to get me a haircut. That part I didn't like quite so much! I didn't care while the lady cut my hair with her clippers, but I didn't see any need for her to get her scissors out! I cried a little and then decided that Mommy needed to sit in the chair with me at that point. After it was all over I got a big sucker from the lady and then I told her BYE BYE. After the haircuts we headed home and Evan and I both took naps. It was a great, great day and only the beginning of a great Christmas Break with Mommy!!!

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