Saturday, October 24, 2009

Fall Break

We have had so much fun the last couple of days staying home with Mommy on her Fall Break. Evan got to play at Grandma and Pa's with Gwen and Lynley while I had to go to the Speech place on Thursday. I will be having speach therapy soon so that I can learn more words. I was a little bit ornery during their test telling them no and not doing what they asked, but I did most of things they wanted me to do. After the test when we went back to get Evan, we stayed a little while and I got to play with Lynley and Gwen for a while. They both left so Mommy decided we should head home to. Instead we got to go to my favorite store in the whole world: Target! I love to go there because they have Thomas!!! We didn't buy any though. After Target I was so worn out I feel asleep in the car and kept on sleeping at home for 3 hours! I got to stay up late! Friday we just stayed home all day and played. Mommy got some new toys and books out for me. She showed me some puzzles that she used to use with her Kindergarteners. I had a lot of fun with the shapes puzzle and I love to say circle. All of the shapes are circles to me! On Friday Mommy tried again for Evan to have some baby cereal, but I think you know from the look on his face how that went! He's 6 months now, so that means he will be getting to try lots of new baby food. Friday night Daddy and I worked on our pumpkin. I tried to touch the insides and help Daddy clean it out, but one touch of that gunk and I put it right down and said NO! Mommy let me use a spoon after that, but it was really much more fun to hit the pumpkin with it. Daddy and I put the pumpkin out on the front porch and Daddy lit a candle in it. Mommy says we've got a busy weekend next weekend with a Trunk or Treat, trick or treating, and a fall festival. Sounds like a lot of fun and Evan and I have our costumes ready to go. I think if you get to see us you will really like them. Happy Halloween!!!

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