Thursday, May 7, 2009

Thank you Grandma and Pa

Mommy and I are thanking you both for getting me the Winnie the Pooh airbed. I am such a big boy! Daddy put me on it at 6am today and I slept til 8 on it. Mommy told me it was nap time and at first I wanted in my crib but after we read our books I layed down on the Pooh bed, Mommy covered me up and gave me my teddy bear and blanket and I went to sleep. The bear I love is the one Carol sent me right after I was born. Thank you Carol too!

Evan took a nap in his bed today too for 2 hours!!


  1. double blessings for you! how wonderful.

  2. Levi your Pooh bed looks so comfortable, I'm glad you like your teddy bear. It doesn't seem to matter if your a boy or girl, everybody loves teddy bears.