Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Boring Powerless Night

Levi was having a great time smiling and cooing in his swing tonight when all of a sudden the power went out. It wasn't long after the seat stopped swinging he was fussin to get out. It's now about 2 hours later and Levi is sawing logs and I'm bored to death without TV to watch. Soon the laptop will die also:( I will say I'm loving the new pacifier Levi has. He actually went to sleep tonight without a bottle or putting him in his miracle blanket! With no AC it's too hot to put him in that thing. I just hope it doesn't break his streak of sleeping through the night! Since I have no monitor to listen to Levi is in the basket tonight in the living room with me until Daddy gets home. I'll post a picture, this will probably be one of his last times because if he stretches out his legs he's actually longer than the inside of the basket!!! It's hard to believe he used to look so little in it.

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